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[Mise à jour] Hytera firmwre 9.0

Nous avions fait l’annonce en décembre dernier de la disponibilité de la version 9.0 du firmware pour certains appareils Hytera.

[MISE À JOUR 2019-01-23] Hytera a rendu disponible le firmware version DMR FIRMWARE V9.00.04.905.iM.NA2 et qui permet à son utilisateur de désactivé la fonction d’interruption automatique lorsque le signal se retrouve en dessous du seuil établi.

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SharkRF openSPOT2… mise à jour v025 & 26 (beta) disponible

Pour les utilisateurs de l’openSPOT2 de SharkRF, la version v25 (beta) & v26 (beta) est disponible.


v26 (beta)

  • The current profile number is now displayed on C4FM radios in Wires-X mode as the Wires-X connected client count
  • Fixed: D-STAR call restarts during a call

v25 (beta)

  • Added support for NXDNReflector and YSFReflector server change from radio
  • Added support for D-STAR DTMF server switching (besides the already available urcall switch method), format:
    • DCS001 B can be called: D1B, D102, D0102, D00102
    • XLX003 C can be called: C3C, C303, C0303, C00303
    • REF001 C can be called: *1C, *01C, *001C
    • XRF001 A can be called: B1A, B01A, B001A
  • Add support for Wires-X button (server search and change is not supported yet, we are working on it)
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Increased precision of location coordinates
  • Changed DAPNET user auth key name to DAPNET user password
  • Fixed: invalid seqnum errors not shown on the dejitter queue graph
  • Fixed: modem mode not changed when connector switched during voice announcements
  • Fixed: received NXDN transmission not sent correctly by the srf-ip-conn connector in NXDN mode
  • Several other minor fixes and enhancements

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